Submit photos for the Penn Instagram account.
(We encourage phone submissions as well.)

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Recent Photo Submissions


When Penn started its Instagram account, photos initially were sourced from professional photographers. Over the years, the Office of University Communications has sought to use Instagram to showcase student life at Penn.

To that end, the University hires a yearly cohort of four to six student photographers - “Visual Storytelling Interns” - in order to document life at Penn. The interns often use their phones to capture authentic Penn moments.

Why Submit

As one of the visual storytelling interns, I soon realized that six people is not enough to document a campus of 20,000 students, so I built this website so a larger group of student photographers at the University can submit photos to the Penn Instagram. If your photo is chosen for submission, you will:

  1. Reach hundreds of thousands of people.
  2. Be tagged with your Instagram username if provided and public.
  3. Showcase student groups and activities you're passionate about.


Each day Penn posts 2-3 photos to the Instagram account, which is triple the amount posted by similar schools. While there is no guarantee that photos you submit will be chosen, typically Penn selects 1 out of every 10 images submitted by intern photographers.

By submitting to Pennstagram, you grant Penn the right to use your photos. Because we value authenticity of the Penn experience over aesthetics, we encourage you to take photos with your phone as well.